An Online Party for Your Little One

Give them a fantastic party with a magic show on Zoom. They deserve it.
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We can’t get everyone together under one roof

The restrictions are so frustrating.

A birthday celebration without seeing friends and family is no celebration at all.

An Online Party Works Brilliantly

Great Entertainment

A fully interactive party, with jokes, silly dancing and a hilarious magic show

The Sound of Laughter

The real joy in an online party is seeing and hearing the children enjoy themselves. And you will.

I promise.

Invite Everyone

Especially family that live too far away to make it to a party normally – they’ll love seeing the children have a great time.

I Understand

It’s been the most challenging time to be a parent.

It’s also been the most challenging time to be a young child. And they don’t even realise it.

Our son is in year 1 at school. The daily conflicts over home-learning have been exhausting for all of us.

Children need fun right now, more than ever.

Thank you! They loved it. They were howling with laughter. So good to see them letting loose after so many weeks of being sensible on zoom for school. 

Oh my goodness, how much do we all need to laugh!?! 

Thank you

Elizabeth Shackshaft Smith

How to Book an Online Party

Choose Your Date

Get in touch and let’s choose the date and time that fit best.

Send Your Invites

Share the Zoom details for the party with your friends and family.

Put Your Feet Up

OK OK not really an option – you’re a parent. But you can relax in the knowledge you’ve booked a brilliant party.

The Safest Way to Celebrate

How long is an online party?

I set the Zoom meeting up for an hour. Everyone logs in and says hello, then it’s time for some warm-up silliness followed by a 30-minute birthday party magic show.

Afterwards it’s time for the birthday cake, candles and then letting the guests do all the catching up they like to do 🙂

It's not like home-learning is it?

Ha ha! No it’s nothing like home learning. It’s hilarious and interactive throughout, and the birthday child can help with some of the show if they want.

How many guests can I invite?

The only real limit on numbers is Zoom’s 100 logins. If you’re planning on inviting more than 20 do let me know as it’ll slightly change what I do for the larger group.

When's the best time for an online party?

Generally, parties online are happening at 11am to finish in time for lunch, or starting at 2pm or 3pm as an afternoon treat.

How much is it?

The online party with magic show is £125. I can record it for you too, if you like.

Any Questions?

To check availability for your date for an Online Party, pop your name and email address in here and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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