Don’t Let Lockdown Stop You Having a Party for Your Little One

 Celebrate With a Brilliant Online Party on Zoom, Hosted by Magic Iain!

The Perfect Solution – a Brilliant Birthday Party for Your Child, Despite the Restrictions

Here’s the problem: you can’t get everyone together under one roof, so you can’t have a party with everyone to celebrate your child’s birthday.

The pandemic has ruined so much for children already. You don’t need to let it ruin their birthday too.

Luckily, there is a solution. Give them the birthday party they deserve and treat them to an interactive, hilarious virtual party with all their friends and family, hosted
by me.

What is a Virtual Party?

It’s a party where all the guests are invited
to join a Zoom meeting.

But unlike a normal Zoom meeting, the children experience a hilarious, engaging and interactive magic show. The Magic Iain Virtual Show is written specifically to be ridiculously entertaining (many have said the show is as fun for the adults as it is for the kids, and that is high praise indeed!)

What do you get from a Virtual Show?

Picture each child and family member joining the party virtually, from their sofa or kitchen table.

Imagine how your child feels, together with their friends and family, laughing, having a great time, just like at a real party – only through your laptop, tablet or phone.

We can even capture your child’s excitement and the memories of a proper party by recording the whole thing for you.

Here’s How It Will Work for Your Child’s Party

  • PI’ll send you a Zoom link for you to include in your invites
  • PEvery friend and family member (including Grandma!) will arrive at the virtual party before the fun and games to wish them a Happy Birthday
  • POnce we're all assembled online - I host the event from end to end
  • PThe children don’t just WATCH the magic show. That’s not my style. They are an INTEGRAL part of it. They make the magic happen with some hilarious consequences!
  • PThe best part – despite whatever restrictions we’re in at the time, your child celebrates with everyone they care about and gets to feel special on their birthday.

Birthday girl and her Daddy enjoying the Magic Iain show together with all her friends on screen too

How to Book Magic Iain for Your Virtual Party

Step 1

Get in touch with me and let’s pick a date and time

Step 2

I’ll send you the Zoom link – share it with your party guests

Step 3

And now relax, with the knowledge you’ve booked a brilliant and safe party for your little one, despite the restrictions

What you MUST do now: Book a Virtual Party

A virtual party with a 30-minute magic show is just £125.


1. Will the show be recorded for FREE?

Absolutely! Let me know if you’d like the meeting recorded and I’ll forward you the video after the party.

2. Will the show include Magic Iain’s puppet chimpanzee Charlie?

Yes! Children always love Charlie, especially when he keeps popping into view from behind the camera. Hilarious!

3. Will the birthday child get to ‘help’ with a trick?

If they want to, yes! It’s definitely not required nor expected. Zoom now lets me highlight more than one video at a time, so if your little one wants to, we can be side by side on screen for parts of the show.

4. How many people can I invite?

The limit on Zoom is 100, but if you’re expecting more than 35 do let me know as it’ll change what I do slightly to cater for the bigger group 🙂

Hurry Up and Book Your Date Before it’s GONE!

Brilliant children’s birthday parties are much
harder to organise safely during COVID.

A virtual party is the solution – and there’s nowhere near as much stuff to clean up afterwards!

Any Questions?

Check pricing and availability for your date for an Online Birthday Party!

Pop your name and email address in here and Iain will be in touch within 24 hours.

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