Two-Hour Party Running Order

Here's What A Brilliant Party Looks Like

Every entertainer starts with a plan. Please, please ask whoever you’re getting quotes from what they have planned. I have to wing the finer details to some extent, because I’ll never know how a group of children are going to interact with each other, with me or even with so many parents around at the same time, but starting without a plan is a no-no.

Here’s my plan for a two-hour party. Let’s assume your party invites are 11am-1pm.

Running Order

1030: I’ll arrive and say hello to you all, and agree on the best spot for me to work from

1035: Unpack, music on and set up

1055: Expect guests to start arriving from now!

This is the ‘Meet and Greet’ phase: with the party atmosphere already set, I’ll take the opportunity to say hello to all the children, figuring out who’s the most confident, who’s shy and and let them all know just how much fun they’re going to have.

By 11:10ish I’ll have transitioned into music-based games that they all know (or are simple to explain) so they can dive straight in.

1130: Move to parachute play, choosing games appropriate to the ages and the party dynamic however it’s unfolded

1145: Action-based, copy-me style party dances, finishing with them all around the party food table ready to sit down

1155: Time for food!

Party music carries on (happy to take requests)

At this point I’ll strike the games equipment and set up for the magic show

When the magic show is set up I’ll remain on show, messing around with balloons and perhaps some juggling while they’re eating

Some will finish eating earlier than others so I’ll keep them occupied with some balloon balancing and other fun and silliness

1210/1215: Around about now becomes the natural point to bring out the birthday cake with candles and sing happy birthday

I’ll send any children engaged with me back to the table so everyone sings together

1220: Games and jokes with them all sat down on my mats, gameshow style

1225: Time for the Magic Show!

They’ll have full tummies so they’ll sit better

Thanks to the games, jokes, dancing and everything else up until this point, they’ll be a fully warmed up and responsive audience, ready for the hilarious and interactive birthday party magic show

1300: Show finish, party music back on

I’ll direct everyone to wherever they need to be to collect party bags or similar

1310: Most guests will have left by now

Time to start clearing up 🙂