Setting Up and Packing Away

Time-lapse of a hall setup, and what else I need from you
How long do you need to set up?

Generally I need 30-minutes for setting up and packing away for a party in a hall.

As you can see from the time-lapse I’ll always set up on the floor of the hall rather than the stage, to keep myself at the children’s level and interactive during party games. This also means when they’re sat on my mats watching the show, they haven’t got to crick their necks looking up at me on a stage as I’m just in front of them.

I’ll always choose a corner, too. That gives me a lovely triangle of space behind my pop-up stage curtain to keep bags and cases safely out of view.

A massive thank you to Ruby’s mum and dad for letting me record this at the Orpen Hall in West Bergholt.


OK, we’ll pop you in the corner then. What else do you need, logistics-wise?

All I need is the space. Don’t worry about putting me near a plug socket as my PA equipment is rechargeable and can go anywhere.

I don’t need prizes for games nor any background music, I’ve got everything I need in the set up.