At a few of the parties I’ve been to in the last 8 weeks or so the party food tables had bowls and plates of snacks and nibbles and sandwiches that had been made the easiest way possible.

The party hosts hadn’t made them – they’d ordered them in!

Ordering them in is absolutely the easiest option for party sandwiches. You can get them ordered and pick them up on the day of the party, saving yourself the time of organising fillings, then buttering, filling, slicing, plating and wrapping dozens of sandwiches.

Just one Google of ‘ready made party sandwiches’, and you’ll be presented with lots of options, from local suppliers to the big supermarkets. Take your pick and save some time.

Your other options for saving time on making sandwiches, as far as I can see, amount to these three options:

1. Ask a relative or friend to do them – in fact, the person you have in mind will probably offer anyway.

2. Don’t do sandwiches – give your local fish and chip shop a week or so’s notice and they’ll arrange 30 sausage and chips for you, same goes for pizzas from your favourite pizza delivery place.

3. Ask the Guinness World Record holders of the Longest Sandwich (735 metres) if they’ll make one big one for you. Full tummies for EVERYONE!