Ergobaby, meet Magic Iain

And Nancy. And Austin.

The Facebook post reactions and comments for this video (see post and insights below) were pretty astonishing to me – so I wondered how I can help you promote Ergobaby products to new parents who are currently living through the strangest and scariest of times.

This video was recorded amongst others (see home page for the others) to help make lockdown go a bit quicker for those at home and to raise some smiles. Also, to keep my two entertained for at least a little while.

Achieving the impossible with one of your carriers feels like a great fit for more videos (unlike how my wife told me off for wearing the carrier too low on my waist in the video!). Or perhaps how the Metro shrinks down and expands like magic? 

If you’ve any events or campaigns coming up, live or otherwise, where spreading your message memorably to parents is important, I’d love to help.


Iain Shreeve


email: [email protected]

call: 07980 183168

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